Wednesday, July 29, 2009

presidio palm 18" x 20"

1922 bamboo 14" x 15"

eucalyptus #03 - 14" x 14"
eucalyptus #07 - 18" x 20"

eucalyptus checkers 14" x 15"

mixed reed 9" x 10"

palm twig 14" x 15"

madrona mix #1 - 9" x 10"

tiny eucalyptus mix 9" x 10"

silver bark 14" x 14"

rust eucalyptus 16" x 20"

seeds 8" x 10"


sara slavin said...

Oh Weber, This is soooo elegant and beautiful ( fab styling!).Brilliant!
Mother nature will be so proud.

Susan Weber said...

Super lovely!
They are really elegant!

cerre said...


love the idea:
nothing is too humble for art


Dana Tommasino said...

Gorgeous leaf love. Congrats on your first beautiful post - xx


Richard said...

Beautiful work Christina. How stable are those materials over time?

christina weber said...

thank you...
the natural materials do change over time, some more than others. I find the changes beautiful, mostly in colors becoming softer.

Daisy Dalberto said...

Lindo trabalho!
singelo e de muito bom gosto.

christina weber said...

thank you...

"Nice work! simple and very tasteful. Congratulations!"

LaurenC said...

Love. LOVE!

Mary said...

These are so beautiful. Do you sell these?

christina said...

I do sell them. A few that you see here are sold and others have been gifts to friends.